Mobile Apps

Your business has a problem or opportunity that you are sure can be solved by using a Mobile App. You can visualise the big picture but you’re not sure how to implement it. The Mobile App might need to integrate to your existing systems and you might not be sure which technologies to use.

We can help. Together, we’ll determine your business goals for the Mobile App and select the appropriate technologies to use (Native or HTML5? Android or iOS?). We’ll architect the system so it integrates well with your existing systems and work with you to design the right UI/UX.

In the end, you’ll receive an App that is both well-crafted and meets your business goals.


Business Apps

When you look at your business, you see big opportunities to improve your operations. Your business uses paper forms and keep track of things manually. Your employees use large and crazy Excel sheets and you wish you could “systemise” it all.

We’ll help you move your manual processes into a system. We’ll sit down with you to analyse your current process and build a picture of how the system should act and perform. Using our industry experience, we’ll see if the system can help improve speed and reduce defects. And if that requires integration with existing systems (such as an ERP) or hardware (bar code scanners, mobile POS systems, etc), we can do that too.

Contact us to see how we can work together to make your operations move faster and produce better quality.


Technology is always improving at a breakneck speed. You keep reading on how businesses uses the latest tech buzzwords to transform their business and operations. Yet you wonder how this applies to your business. How can IT help me? Which products are the right fit? Is it the right time?

Using our industry experience and research, we’ll help you evaluate your vision for the business and see how IT aligns with your goals. We’ll analyse your problems and opportunities and together, build a practical plan for your business to leverage the power of technology.